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Preventive check-up for your business

Yearly Company Check-Up

Identify challenges in early stages and find sustainable solutions

Do you regularly see your doctor for routine check-ups to ensure you're in good physical health? Why don't you treat your company or team the same way? Schedule a check-up to prevent problems before they arise.

The Yearly Company Check Up (YCCU) allows you to identify potential risks and issues in their earliest stages - giving you enough time to react and make adjustments before they become problematic and noticeable.

A wide range of factors influence the health of an organization. Based on our experience, these factors can be reduced to four fields, which are described below.

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Operational matters


  • How do the internal processes work at the moment?

  • Where are the obstacles?

  • How can we avoid pitfalls and build solid processes so everyone knows what to do?

Market occurrences

  • How do customer needs change?

  • Which user groups are relevant for us?

  • How can we meet their needs?

Strategic matters


  • Are there (technological) innovations that are interesting for us?

  • What trends are emerging on the market?

  • How can we position ourselves well for the next three to five years?

Kick Off & Annual Review


  • Are we still on track?

  • What will we focus on in the coming year?

  • How can we put the planning into action?

What to expect

Each YCCU workshop follows the same structure and can be conducted online or on-site according to your needs.

  • You choose one of the four fields that you would like to focus on. 

  • On this basis, we will arrange a one-hour pre-call with you in order to analyze your needs. This is followed by two half-day workshops.

  • The first half-day workshop is dedicated to the problem space. The goal is to gain a better understanding of what triggers the challenges identified in the preliminary discussion and what the team members' perspectives on the issues would be. This approach ensures that all participants have a shared understanding of the problem, which can be built on in the second workshop.

  • Between the first and second workshop, we summarize the results and fields of action.

  • Based on these findings, the second half-day workshop starts in the solution space. The goal is to use the insights gained so far to derive solutions.

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Act Now to Transform Your Organization!

Invest in a comprehensive Check-Up Workshop for up to 15 team members, led by an expert facilitator.


For only 3,500€

Your journey begins with an introductory call to tailor the workshop to your specific goals, followed by two immersive half-day sessions designed to revitalize and realign your team's focus and productivity for the upcoming tasks.

Sounds interesting?

Get in touch for a free consultation call

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